Basic Principles of Interior Design

We call our home as ‘The Sweet Home’, Why?

Because we decorate the home according to our tastes and culture. We decorate the home as our wish.

But For decorating the home in a good and sound manner which astonishes a guest, you need to keep some basic principles of interior design in mind.

Here are the principles in brief:

Balance in The Design

The first thing you must look at that the design must be balanced. Here balanced means a formally informal look in the design.

For example, When you place the sofa in front of your door, it will not look good. You can place a flower vase in front of the door. Just like that, you should not place your Cabinet in front of the window, instead, you can place the sofa there.

Picking Up the Right Color

Wrong color selection can ruin all your hardwork in regards to the design. So, the right color selection is really important.

Place Arts & Craft in The Room

You should place arts in the wall and crafts on the cabinet. A simple paper art and well tumbled rocks can increase the vibrance of the room a lot.

So, these are the simplest of the basics of interior design. I will keep you updated on this topic as soon as I am free for another article. Till then, take care.